2009-Qualification results

The qualification results for RoboCup 2009 in Graz (Austria) are published as follows. Twenty-one teams are qualified, team names and links to qualification material can be found below.

Name Nationality Participated URL
1 Adro Iran No http://www.iranadro.com
2 AllemaniACs Germany No http://robocup.rwth-aachen.de/node/140
3 Brainstormers Tribots Germany No http://www.nu.uos.de/index.php?id=1155
4 CAMBADA Portugal Yes http://www.ieeta.pt/atri/cambada
5 Carpe Noctem Germany Yes http://carpenoctem.das-lab.net
6 Hibikino-Musashi Japan Yes http://robocup.ksrp.or.jp/hibikino-musashi/
7 Hong Kong Dragons China Yes http://www.ap.cityu.edu.hk/robocup/robocup.htm
8 ISePorto Portugal Yes http://lsa.isep.ipp.pt/iseporto
9 ISocRob Portugal Yes http://socrob.isr.ist.utl.pt/
10 MINHO Portugal No http://www.robotica.dei.uminho.pt/robocup
11 Mostly Harmless Austria Yes http://www.robocup.tugraz.at/
12 MRL Iran Yes http://www.qazviniau.ac.ir/MRL/MRLMID/middle_size.htm
13 MRT – Milan RoboCup Team Italy Yes http://robocup.ws.dei.polimi.it/MRT/
14 NuBot China Yes http://www.nubot.com.cn/indexen.htm
15 Paderkicker Germany No http://paderkicker.upb.de/p/paderkicker/robocup2009
16 RFC Stuttgart Germany Yes http://robocup.informatik.uni-stuttgart.de
17 Strive – Legends China No http://robocup.shu.edu.cn
18 Tech United Eindhoven The Netherlands Yes http://www.techunited.nl
19 UPRobotics Mexico No
20 Water China Yes http://jdgcxy.bistu.edu.cn/robocup/index_robocup.asp
21 WinKIT Japan Yes http://www2.kanazawa-it.ac.jp/robocup