RoboCup 2022 MSL Committees

Executive Committee (rc-msl-tc @ lists . robocup . org)

Executive Committee members are responsible for the long-term goals of the league and thus have also contact to other leagues as well as to the RoboCup federation. The Executive Committee presents the league and its achievements to the RoboCup federation every year and gets feedback to organize the league. All committee members are also members of the Technical Committee. Executive Committee members are elected by the board of trustees of the RoboCup federation; they serve 3-year terms.

  • Seyed Ehsan Marjani Bajestani, Polytechnique Montreal (Canada) (First year, Second Term)
  • Wouter Houtman, Eindhoven University of Technology (The Netherlands) (Third year-extended, First Term)
  • Zhiqian Zhou, National University of Defense Technology (China) (First Year, First Term)

Technical Committee

The Technical Committee for each league is responsible for planning the technical aspects of the league in short-term to keep in the roadmap of the whole RoboCup in long-term, i.e. the committee defines the rules for the next RoboCup and takes care of the according refereeing. All members are elected by the team leaders of the teams which have participated in the previous competition. In addition, all members of the Executive Committee are members of the Technical Committee.

Organizing Committee (rc-msl-oc @ lists . robocup . org)

The Organizing Committee of each league is responsible for preparing and organizing the competition. This mainly includes making the schedule, performing the qualification process, and running the competition. The committee members are selected by the Executive Committee of the league and the RoboCup Trustees.

  • Fei Liu, Chinese Association of Automation (China) (OC Chair)
  • Moeko Tominaga, Kyushu Institute of Technology, University of Kitakyushu (Japan)
  • Shunxin Zhang, Saic General Motors Corporation Limited (China)
  • Rutchanee Gullayanon, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (Thailand) (LOC)