The 6th Edition of the MSL Workshop was held in Kassel

The University of Kassel hosted the RoboCup 6th International Middle Size League Workshop.


  • ASML Falcons (ASML Veldhoven, Netherlands)
  • CAMBADA (University of Aveiro, Portugal)
  • Tech United Eindhoven (Technical University of Eindhoven, Netherlands)
  • Carpe Noctem Cassel (University of Kassel, Germany)
  • Guest Speaker: Matthias Löbach (RWTH Aachen)
  • A delegation from the Technical University of Munich


The workshop began with a welcome speech from Prof. Kurt Geihs, the head of the Distributed Systems Group at the University of Kassel. After a guest speaker from the Technical University of Aachen presented their Fawkes Framework for Logistics Robotics, the ASML Falcons discussed their improvements since the last event. Then Carpe Noctem Cassel explained a new design using the Beagle Board device and the design of the new goalkeeper that is equipped with a laser sensor. Tech United continued the session with a presentation of an 8-wheeled robot, along with a demonstration of a prototype. Then, last but not least, a new algorithm for obstacle recognition was presented by CAMBADA, which was considered successful in the last tournament. In the end of an informative first workshop day, all teams enjoyed dinner together for the social event.


  • ASML Falcons – Team Update – Slides
  • Tech United Eindhoven – Eight wheeled Platform – Slides
  • Carpe Noctem Cassel – Charging board improvements, Team update – Slides1Slides2
  • CAMBADA – Perception Challenges in MSL – Slides
  • Matthias Löbach – FAWKES Robot Software Framework – Slides

Videos available here