Call For Participation 2019

RoboCup 2019 Middle Size League
July 2 to 8, 2019 (Sydney, Australia)

Call For Participation MSL 2019 (PDF)

We would like to invite all MSL teams to participate in the 2019 RoboCup MSL World Championships. If you are interested to participate please take the time to pre-register your team for the RoboCup 2019 MSL competitions.

1)    Pre-registration
For the pre-registration please send an e-mail to and containing the following data:

  • team name
  • URL of the team’s home page
  • name of the team leader
  • e-mail address of team or team leader
  • affiliation
  • country
  • link to the qualification materials

Please send more information about teams to introduce them better on the MSL website ( Sending following information would be optional:

  • logo
  • profile (Describe team with at most 150 words)
  • most research topics (up to 6 topics)

2)    Qualification materials
 Please note that, according to the rules, the result of the qualification materials’ evaluation will contribute to the scientific challenge final result.

By the time of pre-registration, please have ready the following qualification materials:

a)    A Team Description Paper describing the most innovative contributions or scientific results (the TDP is limited to 8 pages and must be formatted according to the LNCS format:
b)  A list of 5 scientific papers published during the last 5 years of the team which are related to RoboCup. Abstracts of these papers and a complete reference to each paper must also be submitted. When more papers are submitted, only the first 5 will be considered;
c)  A list of results and awards obtained by the team in the last 3 years;
d)  A video showing the capabilities of the team’s robots (the maximum duration of the video is 60 seconds; if the submitted video is longer than 60 seconds, only the first 60 seconds will be considered for evaluation);
e)  A list of contributions of the team to the RoboCup MSL community.
f)  Declaration if the team will be part of a mixed team.
g)  Declaration if the team requires 802.11b access-point.
h)  A mechanical and electrical description together with a software flow chart (please include size and weight of the robots);
i)  List of MAC Addresses used by the team, with explicit indication of those that will be used for wireless communication and their type: robots or development computers. All other MAC addresses will be blocked.

The details regarding the qualification materials are contained in the rules and regulations document available at Please read it thoroughly.
The qualification materials should be placed in a dedicated page of the team’s web page. Please include the link to the qualification materials in the pre-registration information.

3)    Important dates

  • Deadline for pre-registration and submission of the qualification materials: January 31, 2019
  • Announcement of qualified teams: February 28, 2019

4)    Rules
The rules and regulations for the RoboCup 2019 Middle Size League will be published at:

The updated rules and regulations will be released by December 31, 2018 at the latest.

The rules, including the assessment-criteria of the qualification material, might be subject to change and will be published on the MSL website ( no later than December 31, 2018.

5)    Publication
Please note that after the announcement of the qualified teams the qualification materials of the qualified teams will be made publicly available. Therefore, teams applying for participation, grant the right of publication of their qualification materials to the MSL league(MAC addresses are an exception and should remain private).

6)    Plagiarism
Plagiarism, loosely the unattributed use of other peoples’ words, code and ideas (see “” for a more detailed description) is not tolerated in the RoboCup community.

The teams and team members that plagiarize other peoples’ work and present it as their own will be disqualified. For a first offense, the team and team members will be banned from RoboCup competition for two years (usually the current and next year). Harsher penalties will be applied to repeat offenders or extremely serious cases of plagiarism. A team may be disqualified at any time for plagiarism, even after the competition has started. RoboCup will not reimburse teams for any expenses related to their disqualification.

7)   Waiver of the team fee for NEW Teams
For the 2019 International RoboCup competition, NEW major teams can apply for team fee waiver. A NEW team is defined as a team all of whose team members have never participated in an annual international RoboCup competition. The waiver concerns only the team fee and does not imply any waiver of fees for team members.

The 2019 MSL Organizing and Technical Committees