Draw Results for the TC and the SC

Draw Results for the Technical Challenge and the Scientific Challenge of the 2021 virtual competitions

The first team leader meeting was held on May 23, 2021. The presentation ppt file is available here.

The results of the Technical Challenge and the Scientific Challenge draws are as follows (teams will present their work online in the following order):

Technical Challenge (June 26th) Scientific Challenge (June 27th)
Order Team Order Team
1 DAGOZILLA                 1 ASML Falcons
2 ASML Falcons 2 CAMBADA
3 IRIS 3 Hibikino-Musashi
4 Robot Club Toulon 4 IRIS
5 NuBot 5 Water
6 Tech United Eindhoven 6 Tech United Eindhoven
8 CAMBADA 8 VDL Robot Sports
9 MRL 9 Robot Club Toulon
10 VDL Robot Sports 10 MRL
11 Hibikino-Musashi 11 NuBot

Note 1: The recorded video of the team leader meeting is already submitted to the email of all team leaders with the password.

Note 2: Since we will have only the Technical Challenge and the Scientific Challenge remotely and online for this year, to know more about the criteria of each challenge, take a look at the last version of the rulebook (available online here) pages 83 (95) to 85 (97).

Note 3: Key Times

Team Leader Meeting: May 23rd
Team registration deadline: June 7th (https://2021.robocup.org/participants/registration-process-and-fees)
First Pre Competition Test (All registred teams): June 13th
Second Pre Competition Test (If teams needed): June 20th
Technical Challenge: June 26th
Team Leader Meeting: June 26th
Scientific Challenge: June 27th

The 2021 MSL Organizing and Technical Committees