Portuguese Open 2019

Portuguese Robotics Open 2019 – Gondomar, Portugal

The CAMBADA team (Cooperative Autonomous Mobile roBots with Advanced Distributed Architecture), from University of Aveiro, Portugal, have just won the MSL tournament during the Portuguese Robotics Open 2019 (April 24 to 28 in Gondomar, Portugal), having played and won in the final against the current World Champion.

In this tournament, five teams from Portugal and the Netherlands presented robots with relevant scientific and technical evolutions that allowed the public, and all those who watched the games via the web, to recognize similarities between the robotic game and a real football game. The CAMBADA team scored 90 goals and suffered only 2 throughout the tournament, having won against TechUnited Eindhoven (Netherlands), by 2-1, in the finals.

LOC official page is here.

A short video of the final game is available here.