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(2017) New joint project: the MSL Simulator

A joint project was born in the 7th MSL Workshop – the MSL Simulator. A repository has been created specifically for this project, which can be found here. Also, its Wiki page includes more details about this simulator. All MSL teams are welcome to contribute to this project.


(2016) Historical material RoboCup European Championship

In the year 2000, the first RoboCup European Championship was held at the Sports Centre of the University of Amsterdam. Arnoud Visser published these videos of some of these very early RoboCup MSL matches!


(2016) Team Water in Yang Lan docu

Fourfold RoboCup MSL champion Team Water features in this documentary, which aired recently on Chinese television.


(2016) Standardized world state logging files published.

From 2016 onwards MSL teams are providing perceived game state and robot intentions in a standardized format. Data logged during the RoboCup Leipzig world cup is published on this page.


(2016) New RefBox project has been released

The new RefBox project, used and pre-tested during the V International MSL Workshop 2015 has been released and can be found at this site. All teams are invited to download the current version, and start testing with it, since this will most likely become the RefBox application for next year’s competitions. New documentation regarding this RefFox will be updated soon.


(2015) Public Release Code CAMBADA Team

Software developed by the CAMBADA team has been released under a GPL3 license. The release includes code for robot-robot communication, an MSL basestation, a simulator for MSL and the role of a striker.


(2014) SocRob Team Releases Dataset

Time-stamped sensor data acquired from four omni-directional soccer robots of the SocRob team has been made available. The dataset also contains groundtruth information acquired via an external vision system.


(2014) RoboCup MSL Workshop, Video

Remco Oudshoorn created this nice video. It explains the goal of the workshop practical session and explains what has been accomplished.


(2014) Standardization in Mixed-Team Robot-Robot Communication

During 2014 MSL Workshop, a data structure for communication in mixed-teams was agreed upon. Detailed description available here.


(2014) RoboCup Soccer Leagues in AI Magazine

A very interesting overview report on the RoboCup Soccer leagues can be found here. This report has been published in AI magazine, Fall 2014, Volume 35, Nº 3, on pages 77-85 by RoboCup trustees Daniele Nardi, Itsuki Noda, Fernando Ribeiro, Peter Stone, Oskar von Stryk and Manuela Veloso.


(2014) League Status and Future Outlook

The proceedings of the 2014 RoboCup Symposium contain a description of the accomplishments, current status and future outlook of RoboCup MSL. Available here.


(2014) Survey Trustees vs MSL Winner on IEEE Spectrum

Evan Ackerman of IEEE Spectrum wrote this nice survey on the yearly match between the RoboCup Trustees and the winner of the MSL competition.


(2014) Low-Cost MSL Robot Design Released

A consortium of three companies and Eindhoven University of Technology developed TURTLE-5k, which is a low-cost redesign of an existing MSL robot. The mechanical design of this robot has been released.